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Data Science


The exponential rise in data, easy access to information, proliferation of smart devices and rise of smart technologies have presented a huge opportunity and challenge for enterprises. Despite the growing availability and analysis of large data sets, there are many obstacles blocking the path to truly unlocking big data's potential. The importance of data science as a service is now evident as the demand for data science consulting has grown rapidly. Data science consulting can impact the top line by increasing revenue, improving sales conversions, and enhancing customer experience.

With a proven track record in data analytics, machine learning and predictive modelling, Intento has helped our customers to turn complex data into valuable insights and business returns through our data science services. We enable enterprises to take effective data-driven business decisions and find innovative ways to strategize and optimize operations, while exploring new market opportunities.

Stay ahead of the competition

Our collaborative, agile and innovative approach helps you identify high-value business use cases to stay a cut above industry competitors.

Grow through innovation

Our explorative and results-driven approach enables seamless integration of new technology assets and solutions to unveil new opportunities.

Embracing efficiency

Our approach to providing businesses with the most advanced and efficient big data science services enables you to improve operational efficiency.

Productive collaboration

Our experts work with you to identify the best-suited business intelligence technologies to turn your data challenges into business outcomes.

Our data science service not just focuses on achieving the technical objectives of the analytics effort, but also in delivering the targeted business outcomes by providing a multi-dimensional skill set including business analysts and subject matter experts, in addition to experienced data scientists. We non-intrusively deploy, operate and support data science technologies in live business environments.