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Business Intelligence Tools

Business intelligence is all about analyzing valuable data and information through a technology driven process that enable corporates and enterprises to make actionable decisions. Intento, driven by a diverse team of globally recognized executives helps to collect, organize and transforms your company's data into rich visuals so you can focus on what matters the most to you. We combine the power of machine learning, deep learning, data analytics and a wide range BI tools like Power BI, Tableau, SSRS and R language to analyze, visualize and create data reports and insights that play a key role in corporate decision making. Having its operational infrastructure in Cochin, Bangalore, Texas, Houston, Dallas USA, Intento is a reliable expertise in developing a comprehensive business analytics strategy for all industry verticals.

Business intelligence and data analytics drive better business outcomes by optimizing internal business process and gaining operational efficiency with competitive advantages. BI programs headed by chief data analytics team at Intento incorporates various forms of data analytics such us data mining, predictive analytics, statistical analysis, big data analytics etc. that can align data and analytics into actionable strategies and deliver enterprise success. In short, Business data analysis and visualization enables better decisions that drive results and helps business to identify the market trends and problems that need to addressed.

At Intento, our BI team make use of all leading BI technology, data visualization software reporting tools and BI dashboards to monitor business data and generate insights in an easy-to-grasp way. We use the below mentioned BI software products to analyze corporate data and extract business metrics and performance indicators related to our client's business.

Power BI

Provided by Microsoft, Power Bi is a powerful Business intelligence and interactive data visualization tool to create personalized business dashboards. One of the biggest advantage of Power Bi is that the software can easily integrate and extract data between the popular apps your business already use. As a powerful business intelligence tools Power BI gives the flexibility for your organization to visualize and analyze big data with ease.

Microsoft SSIS

Microsoft SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) is used widely for a variety of enterprise data integration, migration and transformation services. Featuring a data warehousing tool, SSIS is primarily used to extract, transform and consolidate data from multiple databases and sources and then load the processed information to a data warehouse or other target systems.


When it comes to Business intelligence tools, Tableau is one of the widely used and accepted software that can be easily understood by anyone. Tableau features one of the best user interfaces to visualize data and integrates seamlessly into your existing environment along with a wide range of other big data platforms and databases. Easy deployment and management, faster insights, ease of sharing, mobile device support, active user and developer community, enterprise-grade security and low-cost deployment flexibility makes Tableau to easily drive decisions across your organization.

R programming language

R programming language is an integrated suite of software facilities that is widely used for statistical computing, calculations and graphical representation of data. Developed and maintained by a core team of statisticians and researcher's R is one of the most comprehensive statistical analysis package available for statistical tests and calculations on arrays, matrices. The graphical capabilities of R are outstanding, providing a fully programmable graphics language that surpasses most other statistical and graphical packages.


Python is a powerful high-level programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively. The flexibility and speed of Python scripting makes it a widely acceptable tool among the data scientist for big data analysis. As an open source scripting language, python has evolved over the time and now includes native libraries and functions for all kinds of statistical operations and data modeling.