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Most organizations have a growing portfolio of demands for insights, and business users expect a lot in terms of the way those insights are delivered. Data driven decision making is a distinctive competitive advantage in a world of increasing business complexity. Making sense of the petabytes of enterprise data – gleaning the real value within it – can help analyze trends, make informed decisions, and predict outcomes.

Intento business insight service offers a scalable, flexible, high-performance model that aligns delivery with business needs for timely, accurate insights. Our domain-based experts along with Data Scientists spend time and brainpower on applying data science in an insight environment to solve critical business problems.

Set and monitor KPIs

Improve processes and save money

Uncover new business opportunities

Turn complex patterns into actionable insights

We understand that every client is different and so are their objectives, which is why our data experts work with you to ensure that advanced analytics needs are met and expectations are exceeded. We focus on a limited number of key performance indicators based on clients' specific objectives, and present the data in a succinct and intuitive manner using appropriate visualizations and infographics. Depending on the needs, our reports are a combination of data tables and charts, inferences based on statistical analyses, and recommendations in the context of your business goals.

Our business insight service includes technology enablers that you need to complete your transformation into an insights-driven organization. It creates processes for delivering real-time insights and analytics with reduced costs and enhanced efficiency and quality.