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Enterprise data unlocks hidden opportunities and insights. Data Analytics is increasingly emerging as a key enabler in helping organizations use data assets from within and outside their enterprise boundaries to enable business growth, improve profitability and drive competitive differentiation. But many organizations struggle to manage data's exploding volume and complexity. The key to solving this problem is to find the best way to turn the volume, velocity, variety and complexity of data into a corporate asset.

Intento helps organizations explore new ways to continually find value in their data with our advanced data analytic services. Our business domain expertise coupled with rich technical competencies enable us to define an analytical strategy for your organization, integrate it into your overall IT roadmap, and help you visualize enterprise data through cutting-edge analytics technologies.

Integrated data and analytics platform

Analytics based on exploratory and data discovery strategies

Real time analytical information and predictive models

Machine learning for behavioral aspects of decision making

Our data analytics team possesses the necessary business acumen to understand data and to design and communicate context led right-sized information. For data visualization, Intento uses innovative BI tools and approaches such as informed dashboards, mobile business intelligence (BI), self-service capabilities, and interactive data visualization to pull the real value out of silos of enterprise data. Our data analytics framework model offers the following benefits:

  • Rapidly identify actionable data needs at a granular level
  • Evaluate data availability and identify data oriented business opportunities
  • Enable reactive decision making based on the data trends

Our data analytics team consists of experts who have invested years of research and development into scalable data analytics and visualization technology frameworks. We use advanced techniques to capture huge amounts of data, process that data, and then publish the visual results in such a way that it can be used on multiple platforms and devices. This way we are able to arm our clients with predictive capabilities and data insights needed to outperform the competition.

Our business insight service includes technology enablers that you need to complete your transformation into an insights-driven organization. It creates processes for delivering real-time insights and analytics with reduced costs and enhanced efficiency and quality.